i have started a new TUMBLR blog


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104 Comments March 5, 2013

professor greyhound’s poetry tests

thank you to AD Tom Motely, for the Brooklyn Rail

74 Comments November 7, 2012

from “Roll Call”, a new comics play by the katz sisters

365 Comments October 13, 2012

spreads from my new book “Crossing the Rubikon”

372 Comments September 10, 2012

preparing for the SVA MFAI book show

83 Comments September 3, 2012

algorithms for rubik’s cube champions

111 Comments August 8, 2012

algorithms for rubik’s cube champions

95 Comments August 3, 2012

algorithms for rubik’s cube champions

a rubik’s cube champion learns new finger movements from a fire he has lit, the well trained bell-hops and hotel employees rush the wooden furniture from the lobby.

96 Comments June 22, 2012

editorial, “einayim” children magazine, A.D Michal Bonano

86 Comments June 5, 2012

sex dolls, websters encyclopedic unbridged dictionary, vintage and undefeated chess masters-a collection of sketches on thompson street, NY

92 Comments May 22, 2012

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